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The Nike SB Dunk High Carpet Company is anything but generic. Created by Ayman and Osama Abdeldayem, the company started in 2015 and has already left its mark on the skating world and is doing so once again with this release. The shoe features a sky blue fabric that, as it wears, tears away to reveal yellow underneath covered in complicated graphics. Expect these to be incredibly limited, releasing only on Nike SNKRS and a select few skate shops.

Resale on these will be sky high. Expect it to hover between £325-£465/375€-535€, with smaller sizes at the top of the range. Retail is expected to be £109.95/124,99 €.

£109.95/124,99 €


Best Sizes
Men’s 3-5 (UK Sizing)/Men’s 36-48 (EU Sizing)

Where to Buy (Europe)

A full list of retailers will be posted two days before the release.

Resale Sites

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