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Releasing in the same color-way as the Syracuse Dunk Lows that released last year around this time, the Nike is now releasing the same color-way in the Dunk High model with the Nike Dunk High Syracuse. Expect these to be incredibly popular due to the fact that college color-ways are always highly desired. They will most likely release on Nike SNKRS and Tier 0 Nike retailers as well as some footsites.

Resale on these is tough to predict, as they were just recently loaded up, but expect resale to hover around £135-£155/160€-180€, with smaller sizes doing best. Retail will be £94.95/109,99€.



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Where to Buy (Europe)

The list below includes both raffles and first-come first-serve retailers. Want more chances to get the shoes you want? Checkout All The Drops Premium for extended sitelists and extra chances to cop!

Footlocker EU (9 AM CET/BST)

END Clothing (Raffle)

Resale Sites

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