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Mirroring the US release of the Yeezy 350 Ash Blue, the Yeezy 350 Ash Stone is set to release in Europe on February 27th. An interesting color-way, these aren’t incredibly wearable, so it’s likely that these will be more pursued by resellers than by sneakerheads, but they still will be popular. As with most Europe releases, stock will be limited, so expect some difficulty getting your hands on a pair of these. They will release on Yeezy Supply as well as other European retailers.

Resell value on these is a little hard to predict, but given what prices are looking at now expect them to hover around £190-£215/215€-250€, with smaller sizes doing best. Retail will be £199.95/219,99€.



Best Sizes
Men’s 3-6 (UK Sizing)/Men’s 36-39 (EU Sizing)

Where To Buy (Europe)

A full list of retailers will be posted three days before the release.

Allike (7 AM CET/BST)

Titolo (7 AM CET/BST)

Solebox (Random time in morning)

Yeezy Supply (3 AM CET/BST)

AFEW (Raffle)

END (Raffle)

BSTN (Raffle)

SNS (Raffle)

Resale Sites

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