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Releasing exclusively on the Notre website on January 21st, the Nike Dunk High x Notre “Orewood Brown” fits the category of basic-but-beautiful. While dunk highs haven’t been as popular as dunk lows in the last few months, expecially given the numerous dunk high releases, these are sure to be popular given how limited and how wearable they are. Expect these to sell out quick. Once again, they are releasing ONLY on the Notre website, nowhere else.

Resell value on these is tough to predict accurately, but estimated resell is somewhere around $400 to $550. Depending on stock and interest, it could go lower or higher. Smaller sizes will almost certainly to best. Retail will be $150.



Best Sizes
Women’s 4-7 (US Sizing)

Where to Buy (United States)

Releasing exclusively on the Notre website.

Notre (9 AM PST/12 PM EST)

Resale Sites

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