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Although these were already dropped by Virgil Abloh in 2019, they were mostly given to friends and family. We’ll now see a much more general release on January 14th of 2021. This shoe boasts a cherry-color-way and is certain to be highly sought after, especially since it’s connected with Virgil himself. Expect these to release on Nike SNKRS and Tier 0 retailers such as Kith and CNCPTS.

In terms of resell value, these are tough to predict. Smaller sizes will do better for resell value, but resell should hover somewhere around $300-$400 and, depending on how limited these are, it could very well be much higher.



Best Sizes
Men’s 3-6 (UK Sizing)/ Men’s 34-38 (EU Sizing)

Where to Buy (United States)

A full list of retailers will be posted two days before the release.

Footlocker (9 AM CET/BST)

Nike (9 AM CET/BST)

Antonia (Raffle)

Asphaltgold (Raffle)

Blackbox (Raffle)

END (Raffle)

OneBlockDown (Raffle)

Well Gosh (Raffle)

Resale Sites

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