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A classic color-way, the Nike Dunk Low Black White releases in late January in Europe on Nike Desktop and other select retailers. While the color-way itself is rather plain, Nike Dunk Lows are always a classic and are always highly sought after by resellers and sneaker heads alike. Expect this release to be pretty limited, with Nike having the most stock.

Resell value on this shoe will likely be in the £165-£200/185€-225€ range, with bigger sizes doing best because this is releasing in women’s sizing. Profit margin is still high on this shoe solely due to the recent hype Nike Dunk Lows have been getting thanks in large part to Travis Scott and other celebrities. If you get these, a quick-sell or a long-term hold are your best options.



Best Sizes
Women’s 8-10 (UK Sizing)/Women’s 40-43 (EU Sizing)

Where to Buy (Europe)

The list below included only raffles.

AFEW (Raffle)

Resale Sites

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