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Lots of Nike Dunk Highs have released in the past few months, and this Bodega x Nike collaboration looks to join the ranks. Sporting a patchwork design that’s slightly reminiscent on the Travis Scott dunks, the Bodega x Nike Dunk High “Legend” is a love it or hate it shoe. Expect these to be quite limited with few retailers releasing them, as is the case with most dunk highs. This collaboration will likely be much more sought after by resellers than those who actually want to wear them.

In terms of resell value, this is a tough release to predict. Expect resell to be somewhere between $200-$300, but it could be lower or higher depending on how limited these are or how they look in person. All sizes will be profitable, but smaller sizes might do slightly better. These will be pretty limited, so it might be tough getting your hands on a pair.



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A full list of retailers will be posted two days before the release.

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