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Nike and Stussy collaborate once again, this time on an Air Force 1. The Nike Air Force 1 Stussy Black is not as hyped as its fossil color-way counterpart, but these should still garner a lot of interest, although resell value after the initial release might fall significantly since these are set to release again on Nike SNKRS and other retailers. Regardless, Nike x Stussy collaborations are always highly sought after, so these should be quite popular.

Resell value for these is tough to predict simply because these are pretty basic looking, but are still a Stussy collaboration. Initial resell value will most likely be £205-£300/224€-330€, but will probably drop to £160-£225/175€-275€ after another release.

£114.95/129,99 €


Best Sizes
Men’s 3-5.5 (UK Sizing)/Men’s 36-38 (EU Sizing)

Where to Buy (Europe)

The list below is only first-come first-serve

Stussy EU (2 PM CET/BST)

Resale Sites

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