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Releasing on December 21st in both the United States and Europe, another colorway of the uniquely shaped Yeezy 700 V3 comes in the shade clay brown. While it might not be the most attractive colorway, it’s still far better than the recently released Safflower. While some might want to just buy these for reselling purposes, there are a small group of people who love to rock Yeezy 700’s. Expect these to be relatively limited since not many retailers are releasing them.

Expect resell to stay around £205-£235/230€-250€, with all sizes selling for about the same, but smaller sizes doing a little better. Retail is £179.99/199,99 € in Europe, which is much higher than in the United States, so those in Europe should focus on smaller sizes, as they will have a greater profit margin.  Resell on Yeezy 700’s hardly rises at all over time, so selling immediately after buying these is your best option.

£179.99/199,99 €


Best Sizes
Men’s 3-6 (UK Sizing)/Men’s 34-39 (EU Sizing)

Where to Buy (Europe)

The list below includes both raffles and first-come first serve retailers.

Naked (7 AM CET/BST)

43einhalb (8 AM CET/BST)

Allike (8 AM CET/BST)

OneBlockDown (8 AM CET/BST)

Titolo (8 AM CET/BST)

AFEW (Raffle)

Antonia (Raffle)

Blackbox (Raffle)

Calico Jack (Raffle)

END (Raffle)

Footdistrict (Raffle)

Footshop (Raffle)

Hannon Shop (Raffle)

Holypop (Raffle)

SNS (Raffle)

SVD (Raffle)

Well Gosh (Raffle)

Resale Sites

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