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Another Kobe releases to commemorate a year where we saw one of the greatest basketball players of all time tragically pass away.  The Nike Zoom Kobe Protro 6 Grinch drops conveniently around the holidays this year, releasing in the United States on December 24th and in Europe on December 26th. The bright green color-way will make this a must-have for lots of basketball players and collectors looking to remember the Mamba.

Resell for these will probably hover around $230-$300 or £180-£220/195€-245€. These won’t be as limited as past Kobe releases (Nike stated that), but they should still be reasonably limited. Your best chance is Nike SNKRS.

Note: Although I do believe that we should honor Kobe, I’m not against reselling his shoes. I do, however, recommend making a donation to Kobe’s foundation if you do decide to resell these. Either way, good luck!

£154.95/174,99 €


Best Sizes
Men’s 10.5-13.5 (UK Sizing)/Men’s 44-47 (EU Sizing)

Where to Buy (Europe)


AFEW (Raffle)

Resale Sites

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