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Arguably the most hyped Jordan 1 release of the year, the Jordan 1 “Mocha” has already released in the United States on October 31st and is now releasing in Europe on December 19th. Reminiscent of the Travis Scott x Nike collaboration that released last year, this model has been nicknamed “the poor man’s Travis 1’s”. Regardless, these are by no means inexpensive, and resell value has been huge around these, even after a few restocks and releases.

Expect resell value of these to not dip much, as Europe generally gets less stock than the United States, so there shouldn’t be a lot of undercutting. Resell should stay around £265/300 € This is one of the biggest Jordan 1 releases of the year, so expect lots of competition when trying to buy these. 23 is back!

£139.95/159,99 €

£250-£300/275 €-335€

Best Sizes
Men’s 8.5-12.5 (UK Sizing)/Men’s 42-46 (EU Sizing)

Where to Buy (Europe)

The list below includes both raffles and first-come first-serve sites

Footlocker EU (8 AM CET/BST)


AFEW (Raffle)

Blackbox (Raffle)

END (Raffle)

Footdistrict (Raffle)

Hannon Shop (Raffle)

Naked (Raffle)

OneBlockDown (Raffle)

SNS (Raffle)

Starcow Paris (Raffle)

Titolo (Raffle)

Resale Sites

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